Obama’s call for…

a new era of responsibility… “greatness earned”…harnessing the energy of sun, wind, and soil…

has inspired a concept I hope some will consider worthy of some on-line brainstorming:

Green Renaissance Work Vacations(GRWV)

Green Renaissance Work Vacations would find people from different places visiting Milwaukee, Chicago, Detroit, and New Orleans, for starters, for the purpose of volunteer urban agriculture work to renew these venerable cities and their own souls.

Why Not Make Holy Cities of Our Cities?

When Milwaukee becomes the Holy City of the Sweet Water Seas,
Perhaps only a generation or two from now,
Irish German Polish Italian American families
Will bike from the western suburbs to the Juneteenth Day Celebration
On MLK, stopping on the way at the ‘Amaranth Bakery and Cafe.

There they will meet up with Hmong African Arab Indian American families
For a feast of soups from the kitchens of the world,
With ingredients picked that morning in the Growing Power city farm across the street,
‘Where now stands an empty lot.

As they bike across Lisbon and Walnut
The sidewalks will be filled with families in their Sunday best
Walking a mile or two toward the festival,
Past family businesses, community gardens, fish farms, and

Artist/artisan workshops that pay the bills(continued at [[
http://www.milwaukeerenaissance.com/OldeGodsil/Poetry | Godsil Poetry]])

How about your ideas for Green Renaissance Work Vacations In…



New Orleans

Why not?


DMZ Community Gardens in Milwaukee for Work Vacations in the Old City

Godsil and green peace friends,

The DMZ community garden, across the street from Robert LaFollett grade school on 9th street is ready to roll again.

Last here thanks to the help of Will Allen and Growing Power, Godsil and family and neighborhood children and adults DMZ garden was created by Dawn, (Foundation Dwellings) Marna (Mothers Against Gun Violence) and myself (Nonviolent Worm). We now have hopes of expanding the garden and making it more effective. Bob picked up a few ideas from the sustainable farms he visited in India recently (Pilgrimage of Peace). But we need all the help we can get to make this community garden in the heart of a forgotten neighborhood in Milwaukee a sucess.

So this year why not take a vacation here at home and help grow the community garden. We have another nearby plot of land ready to grow once we finish this one. The benfits of messy with the soil (Nature’s Bounty: Soil Salvation) are tremendous.

To help or contact us email: [email protected]

Green Peace,


P.S. You cannot get away from Godsil. He is everywhere. I was talking with the Cultural Afairs Director at the American Embassy,who is from Milwaukee and who I knew in the late 60′s and 70′s, and he says he is friends with Godsil and helped arranged Will Allen’s visit to England. He asked me to send him some ‘black gold’ for his home garden and for a minuit I said yes. Then I realized he was living in the land of black gold, castings or as it is called in India ‘vermi compost.’ I had just visited Gandhian organic farms producing tons of vermi compost’ produced with worms that fed on rich cow manue. I just turned to my Gandhian guide and he was in contact with the goldest and blackest of ‘black gold.’
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Building a Community Garden Next Door to the Amaranth Bakery and Cafe

This project is ready to roll out!


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